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Porsche Bethesda

Lease Express Turn-in

Turn in your Porsche Lease Express Turn-in with Porsche  Rockville, regardless of where you leased  it.

Schedule your lease turn in directly with our  Porsche team at 800-926-1844.  Please bring your Porsche keys as  well as all equipment that came with the car and we will take  care of the rest.
Common questions:

Q: Should I have a pre-inspection complete before my lease maturity? A: Yes, the pre-inspection provides an itemized list of all excess wear. This information will be useful in determining whether or not to complete the repairs before the lease maturity date.

Q: Do I have to return my Porsche to the original dealer? A: No, you can return a leased vehicle to any Porsche dealer.

Q: Does Porsche offer early termination of a lease if I plan to purchase or lease a new Porsche? A: Yes, there are often Porsche programs available in support of loyal customers returning to get a new Porsche. It is recommended to call a Lease End Adviser at 800-926-1844 to discuss current program options.